Biggest Fintokei payouts and how traders achieved them

In the first five months of 2024 alone, we managed to pay out over €1,500,000 to our traders. What were their highest profits and what trades did they use to achieve them? We'll take a look at that in this article.

Modern prop trading offers traders the opportunity to trade with large amounts of virtual capital, up to €400,000 at Fintokei. Successful traders can then transfer a portion of their profits to their own bank accounts. However, before reaching this stage, traders must first pass an evaluation phase to demonstrate their trading skills to the prop trading company providing the account.

These evaluation phases, often referred to as trading challenges, vary in difficulty. They are designed to be achievable by skilled traders rather than those who succeed by chance. However, being new to trading doesn’t mean these challenges are beyond your reach. At Fintoke, for instance, we are developing a new program with an evaluation phase tailored specifically for novice traders.

Prop trading – the Fintokei way

At Fintokei, we believe everyone has a hidden talent for trading – it’s just a matter of discovering and honing it. And that’s exactly what we’re here for. We’re dedicated to providing you with all the resources you need to become a self-sufficient trader and possibly even trade for a living. Unlike many prop trading firms started by a few enthusiasts, Fintokei stands on solid foundations. We’re part of Purple Holding – a dynamic ecosystem of fintech firms built over the past 15 years.

Purple Holding also encompasses brokerage companies and a payment portal development firm. This enables Fintokei to offer traders not just regular payouts from their trading profits, but also the chance to form professional partnerships with one of our brokerage companies. In short, at Fintokei, we guide traders from their first steps to a professional trading career.

Fintokei trading programs

ProTrader – Standard Prop Trading Challenge

With the Fintokei ProTrader program, you have the opportunity to trade on an account with up to CZK 10,000,000. First, though, you’ll need to pass two evaluation phases, known as the trading challenge. This challenge requires a fee, and your goal is to generate an 8% profit in the first phase and a 5% profit in the second phase. While striving for these profits, it’s crucial to keep any losses within the specified tolerance limits. If you successfully complete the challenge, we will refund your participation fee and provide you with a trading account within 24 hours. From then on, you can withdraw your profits every 14 days on an 80/20 basis, with the majority going to you. Ready to take on the ProTrader challenge? Learn more about ProTrader and start your journey to trading success!

SwiftTrader – Instant Trading Access

The Fintokei SwiftTrader program is perfect for traders who want to start trading with higher capital right away, without the need to participate in a trading challenge. Unlike the ProTrader program, SwiftTrader accounts are slightly smaller, with the largest account being €50,000. However, you can begin earning payouts from your very first trade. Once you achieve a 10% profit with SwiftTrader, you qualify for a 50/50 withdrawal. Ready to dive into trading with SwiftTrader? Learn more about SwiftTrader and get started today!

New program – Perfect for Prop Trading Beginners

If you’re new to prop trading, our upcoming program will be designed just for you. This program will include a challenge, divided into three phases. Your goal will be to generate profits of 2%, 3%, and 5% in each respective phase, totaling a 10% profit across all three phases.

Successfully complete these phases, and you’ll receive a trading account from us. From this account, you can withdraw your profits just like in the ProTrader or SwiftTrader programs.

Fintokei tip

We wrote an article about what to watch for in ProTrader and what to watch for in SwiftTrader.

Trader Payouts at Fintokei

Whether you complete a trading challenge with ProTrader or jump straight in with SwiftTrader, you have the opportunity to receive a payout—a percentage of your profits. In the first five months of 2024 alone, we have paid out over €1,500,000 to traders at Fintokei.

Our highest payouts go to Japanese traders, who form a significant part of our clientele. However, Czech and Slovak traders are also making impressive profits. In the following article, we will showcase an analysis of their most profitable trades.

It’s not just these impressive results that make Fintokei stand out in the prop trading industry. This year, our profitable traders have enjoyed an average payout of around €4,417, one of the highest averages in the industry.

The Most Successful Trades of Fintokei Traders

Fabulously high payouts are certainly a huge attraction of prop trading, but how do you achieve them? In trading, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy—everyone must find their own path to profit. However, the trades of our most profitable traders, analyzed below, should provide some inspiration.

Trader Marian and trading against the trend

Marian was our first-ever payout millionaire. In total, we paid him €53,500 this spring. 

Traded instrument: gold (XAUUSD)
Trading style: Intraday
Profit on the trade below: €7,281

Pokles na XAUUSD inverzní k nárůstu na DXY
Decline on XAUUSD inverse to increase on DXY, source: MT4

Marian G. brilliantly capitalized on a sharp counter-trend move in gold following a speech by Fed member Christopher Waller. In his speech, Waller expressed his commitment to keeping interest rates on the dollar higher for an extended period, or at least not lowering them too soon. This led to a brief decline in the dollar’s value. Experienced traders know that gold is negatively correlated with the dollar, often moving in the opposite direction. Marian seized this opportunity and, by opening two multi-lot positions in quick succession, he made an impressive profit of €7,281 in just a matter of minutes.

Trader Lubomir and Perfect Trend Spotting

Lubomir is a shining example that impressive gains can be achieved through gradual trading, not just by taking gigantic positions. Between the end of February and the end of March, we paid out 500,000 CZK to this savvy trader. Lubomir reached this amount through a series of smaller, well-timed trades, proving that consistent, strategic trading can lead to substantial rewards.

Instrument traded: WTI crude oil
Trading style: swing (position held overnight)
Profit on the trade below: €1,213

This trade is a perfect example of riding a growing trend. The opportunity in oil arose after markets were rocked by high volatility following the OPEC cartel’s decision to extend production cuts, causing prices to crash. However, the next day, China confirmed its outlook for higher-than-expected GDP growth, signaling strong demand for oil and thus higher prices. The moment the market started to move up, Lubomir was ready. He skillfully rode almost the entire uptrend with two well-placed positions.

Trader Tomas: Master of Scalping

Scalping is the royal discipline of traders, taking advantage of huge volatility often triggered by the release of important news. Scalpers send a series of very short trades into the market, aiming for quick profits. While scalping can lead to significant gains, it also carries the risk of losses. Trader Tomas, however, is one of our best scalpers, and he made a breathtaking €29,123 by trading this way.

Traded instrument: gold (XAUUSD)
Trading style: scalping
Profit on the trade below: total €29,123

Tomas’ four extremely profitable hours on gold, source: MT4

The massive move highlighted on the chart above occurred in gold on April 12 over about four hours. It was driven by geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, specifically the nervous anticipation of a planned Iranian attack on Israel. As the attack was expected, gold prices surged to an all-time high at the beginning of the marked period. However, the swift and precise repulsion of the attack, resulting in minimal damage, and Iran’s declaration of restrained retaliation led to a sharp unwinding of the “risk premium,” causing gold prices to plummet.

Within these four hours, Tomas executed nine trades in quick succession, with an impressive eight turning profitable. His trades were extremely short-term, often lasting only a few minutes or even seconds, with the longest trade being 19 minutes. The profit? Tomas made an astounding €29,123, with his most profitable trade netting €8,820 in just three minutes.

This scenario clearly illustrates how crucial global events are in market analysis and trading.

News Trading is Allowed at Fintokei

When analyzing our most successful trades, it’s clear that trading during important macroeconomic or geopolitical news announcements plays a crucial role. These events bring high volatility to the markets, which experienced traders can cleverly exploit. At Fintokei, news trading is fully allowed, and we do not impose any restrictions on it. This sets us apart from many competing prop firms that either ban or restrict news trading for their traders.

However, this doesn’t mean that we tolerate all trading practices at Fintokei. If you are interested in this topic, be sure to read our article on banned trading techniques.

We Are Always Looking for Talent at Fintokei – Are You One of Them?

If you want to discover or further develop your trading talents and make some decent profits, be sure to try one of our programs. You can even start with our free trial version – it won’t cost you a penny. So, if you want to show us what you’ve got, now’s your chance!

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