Discipline means higher rewards


Put your trading skills to a challenge in the 2-phase evaluation program, and get an opportunity to trade with up to €400,000 for a refundable one-time fee.

Scaling up to
€4,000, 000

We reward disciplined and consistent traders. Follow our Scaling plan and increase your account to as much as €4,000,000.


Once a ProTrader, get a refund of the initial fee and withdraw your profits every 2 weeks. Receive up to 95% of your profits with scaling.


Every trader’s approach is different. Whatever your trading style (Scalping, Intraday, Swing, holding trades over weekends or using your own EAs), as long as we can copy it on real markets, we support it.

No hidden

We value fairness. That’s why we publish all the rules and prohibited practices openly. Also, we don’t reinforce any made-up “consistency rules” retrospectively.

No time

Have absolute freedom while you trade. Take as much time as you need to reach your goals without feeling the pressure of running out of time.

Always something
more …

We go beyond a regular prop firm. Our mission is to create a platform that empowers traders to reach their full potential. And to always give you more options on how to make money using your talent.

Choose the ProTrader plan that suits you the best.

Choose the account size you always wanted to trade with and get access to your Phase 1 account in less than 5 minutes.

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Steps (how it works)


Choose Trading programs tailored to your needs.


Trade Follow our rules.


Earn Start from day one.


Withdraw Receive payouts on a regular basis.


Repeat Keep on trading and scale further.

How does the Scaling plan for the ProTrader program work?

Every time you reach the +10% Profit Target (cumulatively, after all trades are closed) during at least 2 consecutive months, we can allocate an additional increment of your starting balance or increase your Profit split ratio. After you scale to Level 3, you may be offered a contract with our partner Portfolio Management company for an additional cooperation.

Scaling levels Starting capital Starting capital Starting capital
Level 1 – with Profit split of 80/20 €12,500 €62,500 €500,000
Level 4 – with Profit split of 85/15 €30,000 €150,000 €1,200,000
Level 8 – with Profit split of 95/5 €100,000 €500,000 €4,000,000
All scaling levels


Fintokei is an education and evaluation company for traders with ambitions. We provide traders with a safe environment to improve their trading skills, learn healthy trading habits and strengthen their discipline in order to beat the market and build a valid track record verified by us. Once evaluated, we reward the consistent traders on their way further, prepare them for trading with larger accounts and for attracting investors' capital, and introduce the best ones to our portfolio management company, fully regulated in the EU.

We are happy to accept any adult over 18 years old, residing in Europe or Japan. Our long term aim is to open to a much wider range of countries and we are currently working on extending the regions in the near future. We believe every trader deserves an opportunity to grow and prove their skills even if they don’t have access to significant capital. There is no specific background or degree needed to participate. We can’t however accept persons with criminal records and persons on any sanction lists.

Each Fintokei evaluation program costs a fee that covers the educational part, evaluation phase of the traders’ journeys. It also helps us to limit the demand and to select those who think seriously about their ambitions. But our business model is based on several revenue streams and combines synergies across the ecosystem of our companies in the financial markets. For example, we are benefiting from introducing the most successful traders to our partner companies for Strategy Providing or Copy trading purposes. We are also collecting big amounts of data from tens of thousands of traders in real time, which is a valuable intellectual property for Fintokei.

The proper answer is no. We do not have our own traditional trading desk that would speculate on the financial markets to generate large profits. We are trading mostly just to manage the risk and hedge our exposure. Instead, Fintokei is mainly a trading education and evaluation firm that looks for talented traders with an edge. It is an evolution of our continuous work that took more than a decade. We started with searching and evaluation of successful traders manually, one by one, 15 years ago. With Fintokei, we are transferring all these experiences into a fully automated system, that we can scale globally, and achieve our mission to empower traders to reach their trading dreams irrespective of their background.

Fintokei is not regulated because we do not provide any investment services, do not collect any clients’ deposits, nor do we facilitate any real trading transactions to the customers. In case the customer becomes a Strategy Provider or decides to trade on his own Live account in the real markets, all such services are provided by our brokerage and Portfolio Management companies, that are fully licensed and fall under reputable regulatory supervision.

No, they are not. All the customers of Fintokei are trading in a virtual environment that is enhanced by the simulation of “live like” execution conditions, using the data feed and the real depth of market provided by the regulated liquidity providers.

Start by registering for a free trial account. You can experience the platform and learn how it all works. You can get up to three free trial accounts.

We are searching for talented traders with an edge whose trades can be replicated in the real markets and possibly accepted by the regulated portfolio management companies. We are therefore not supporting any HFT, latency arbitrage or martingale types of trading strategies. Fintokei might not be for everyone. But we believe it is the perfect platform for traders who want to evolve. It is a secure environment where you can establish robust trading habits. Your trading skills are rigorously assessed against the market and your peers, bolstering your confidence and equipping you to draw substantial investor capital, while rewarding you for the positive results you deliver along the way already.

Yes, you can try as many times as you’d like.

You can trade an extensive list of FX pairs, CFD metals, CFD energies and CFD indices. We currently don’t offer crypto or stock trading.

You are not liable for any losses you make. You just have to monitor your daily and overall drawdown according to the rules of each program to make sure you keep your account.

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