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We had a dream – a dream of a global company where everybody on the planet would have the same chance to trade with serious capital, share their talents and skills, and potentially make a living out of trading. We have been building this dream for the past 15 years, and the latest piece of it has recently turned into reality – into Fintokei, another Purple company.

We are a trading education and evaluation firm that provides well-capitalized simulated accounts to ambitious traders, giving them an opportunity to learn how to make money from the financial markets trading and utilize their skills to benefit together.

Our mission is to create a platform that empowers traders to reach their full potential and to always have one more step to aspire to, and one more option on how they can make more money. And enjoy the ride with them.

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David Varga


„Talent for trading can be hidden inside anyone. Our goal was to build Fintokei for those who want to discover their talent and begin trading in a serious way. Ambitious traders with big dreams, but also anyone with a passion for financial markets and willingness to work on themselves. We have been looking for such talented traders for more than 15 years already and I am extremely happy we added Fintokei as the latest piece into our ecosystem. Look at our story.“

Our story


The three founders of Purple Holding, while students, started trading in forex markets, and also explored the technological aspect of the financial markets, with a focus on improving the connection between traders and investors.


After rejecting the offer to build a CEE regional base for a US forex broker, and after graduating college, they decided to build their own technology company and brokerage house that would provide a more professional environment to connect professional traders with investors. David Varga joined too.


This was the first time that the idea of creating a private Proprietary Trading Firm that would have its own funds traded on financial markets with the help of external talented traders emerged. The first preliminary step in the long journey toward Fintokei begins.


While having more than 50 colleagues on board already, we started offering brokerage and technology services to traders and investors even beyond Europe, especially in East Asia and Japan.


On top of the brokerage and technology services, we launched a fully regulated investment and portfolio management firm in Cyprus, which allows investors to follow the strategies of skilled traders and portfolio managers under the EU regulatory framework, and which has tens of millions of EURs under management.


Our companies have over 200 employees and serve retail and institutional customers from 100+ countries. They offer various regulated and non-regulated services related to trading, investing, payments, software development, and risk management. We also want to give back to society and thus built a Purple Foundation to help local charity organizations and started investing our Purple Ventures capital in startups.


However the passion for trading remains in our veins, and the idea of having our Proprietary Trading Firms is brought back to life. The Fintokei project was launched. It is an excellent addition to the existing infrastructure and the last piece of the puzzle within our journey to look for the best traders around the world.


Fintokei, with its ProTrader evaluation program, was introduced to the Japanese market as a revolution in the trading industry.


Fintokei adds the SwiftTrader program to its offer and is introduced to the European market. It becomes a space where traders have more opportunities to complete their journey, with always having one more step to aspire to. Thanks to our infrastructure and the growing network of partners we plan to expand the options for our successful traders and always bring new ways how they can earn more money.

Join our community of traders and experience the Fintokei difference for yourself. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting out, Fintokei has the resources and support you need to succeed in the financial markets.

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We have worked hard over the last 15 years so that you can change your life as a trader in less than 15 days.

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