Earn from day one


Enhance your powers by up to x20, trade with more serious capital and start building your verified track record, and get paid even from your evaluation phase.
Experience the future of trading.


One evaluation, plenty of education included, no time limits and only one drawdown rule to follow. Start earning from day one. As simple as that!


Withdraw your first payout after reaching the 10% profit target milestone, then every 2 weeks. Receive up to 90% of your profits with scaling.

Climb up to
500,000 EUR

Enhance your powers x20 and start trading with serious capital in less than 5 minutes. Remain consistent and we can scale your account up to 500,000 EUR.

No Daily
Drawdown rule

The daily drawdown rule is one of the main reasons why traders fail standard prop firm challenges. With our SwiftTrader program, we have completely scrapped this rule, as we seek long-term performance here.

10% Overall
Drawdown rule

Really, the only risk management rule you have to follow is the trailing Overall Drawdown rule. Traders are allowed a maximum of 10% loss.

No time

In Fintokei, we want you to have absolute freedom while you trade. Take as much time as you need to reach your goals without feeling the pressure of running out of time.

Choose the SwiftTrader plan that suits you the best.

Choose the account size you've always dreamed of and start earning from day one.

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Steps (how it works)


Choose Trading programs tailored to your needs.


Trade Follow our rules and get evaluated.


Earn Start from day one.


Withdraw Receive payouts on a regular basis.


Repeat Keep on trading and scale further.

How does the Scaling plan for the SwiftTrader program work?

Every time you reach the +10% Profit Target (cumulatively, after all trades are closed) during at least 2 consecutive months, we can allocate an additional increment of your starting balance or increase your performance reward ratio. After you scale to Level 3, you may be offered a contract with our partner Portfolio Management company for an additional cooperation.

Scaling levels Starting capital Starting capital Starting capital
Level 1 – with performance reward of 55/45 €1,000 €5,000 €50,000
Level 4 – with performance reward of 70/30 €3,000 €15,000 €150,000
Level 8 – with performance reward of 90/10 €10,000 €50,000 €500,000
All scaling levels


Fintokei is an education and evaluation company for traders with ambitions. We provide traders with a safe environment to improve their trading skills, learn healthy trading habits and strengthen their discipline in order to beat the market and build a valid track record verified by us. Once evaluated, we reward the consistent traders on their way further, prepare them for trading with larger accounts and for attracting investors' capital, and connect the best ones with our partner regulated portfolio management companies. Fintokei is the accelerator of successful traders. By Purple.

We are happy to accept any adult over 18 years old. You don’t need any background or degree to participate. We can’t accept persons with criminal financial records and persons on sanction lists. Please note that currently we do not provide our services to residents with citizenships of the following: USA, India, Russia, Belarus, North Korea, Iran, Myanmar, Syria, Yemen, Cuba, Venezuela, Sudan, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq. Temporarily restricted are: Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China.

Not in a traditional sense. We do not have our own trading desk that would speculate on the financial markets to generate large profits. Instead, Fintokei is a "modern prop firm", that provides trading education and evaluation services and that looks for talented traders with an edge. It is an evolution of our continuous work that took more than a decade. We started with searching and evaluation of successful traders manually, one by one, 15 years ago. With Fintokei, we are transferring all these experiences into a fully automated system, that we can scale globally, and achieve our mission to empower traders to reach their trading dreams irrespective of their background.

Fintokei is currently not regulated because we do not provide any regulated investment services, do not collect any clients’ deposits, nor do we facilitate any real trading transactions to the customers.

No, they are not. All the customers of Fintokei are trading in a virtual environment that is enhanced by the simulation of “live like” execution conditions, using the data feed and the real depth of market data provided by the regulated liquidity providers.

Start by registering for a free trial account. You can experience the platform and learn how it all works. You can get up to three free trial accounts.

Yes, you can try as many times as you’d like.

You can trade an extensive list of FX pairs, CFD metals, CFD energies and CFD indices within the demo environment. We currently don’t offer crypto or stock trading.

All trading on Fintokei is conducted in a demo environment, which means there are no actual losses incurred and you can trade without any risk. You just have to monitor your daily and overall drawdown according to the rules of each Evaluation program to make sure you can keep your account.

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